The Hollow Under the Tree

by Cary Fagan

Imprint: Groundwood Books

Format: Hardcover | 128 pages | ISBN 9781554989997 | $16.95

When a circus train derails in Toronto in 1925, a lion escapes and finds shelter in High Park, a four-hundred-acre park in the west end of the city. No one knows about the creature except for Sadie Menken, the feisty daughter of a pie-maker. As various squirrels, dogs and an expensive peacock meet unfortunate ends, and the park “beast” is spotted by visitors, the lion’s presence draws the attention of the authorities.

Silver Birch Express Award Nominee
OLA Best Bets 2018

“The accessible, humorous storytelling voice, its sketch of life in an earlier time, and the premise of a wild beast who calms down with good food and caring friends all combine to make this short chapter book an excellent read.”
— Kirkus Reviews

— Kiss the Book

“Young Readers will definitely enjoy this novel.”
— CM Magazine