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Cary's Very Own Ebooks

Not long ago I started my very own publishing company, Big Wheel, to publish ebook versions of some of my earlier works. (More recent works are available as ebooks from the publisher.) The first six are now ready for your Kindle, Kobo, iPad, computer, or other device. And the good thing is that in doing them myself I've been able to price them very low — $4.99 each. (To purchase a copy, simply click on the cover.)

Interested to know how I started my own publishing house? Read on.

To make my own ebooks, first of all I had to get the original editions made into electronic files. (Along the way I learned that if a glitch can happen, it will.)

Second, I worked with long-time friend and publishing collaborator Bernard Kelly to create a uniform cover design. I chose striking black-and-white images, one by my daughter Sophie and the others from photographers that I found on flickr.com. (Yes, I sought permission and paid the photographers.)

Finally, I used a company called Starburst Digital Rights International, Inc. to make the ebooks available. Starburst is the creation of David Bennett, one of the owners of the Transatlantic Agency, home to both of my literary agents, Marie Campbell and Samantha Haywood. [http://www.mydigitalrightsinc.com]

My hope is that readers of my latest books will discover some of my other novels and story collections. So there you go. Cary Fagan, publishing giant.