Danny, Who Fell in a Hole

by Cary Fagan
Illustrated by Milan Pavlovic

Imprint: Groundwood Books

Format: Hardcover and paperback | 119 pages | ISBN 978-1-55498-311-7 (bound) | ISBN 978-1-55498-312-4 (pbk.) | $14.95 (hardcover) | $9.95 (paperback)

Danny's parents have always been a bit flaky, but this time they have gone too far. Now his mother wants to bake cheesecakes in the mountains, and his father wants to be an opera singer. That means Danny and his older brother will spend half the year in Banff (wherever that is) and half the year in New York City. Worst of all, in preparation for the big move, his parents have given away the family dog, Thwack.

Furious, Danny runs out of the house and keeps running straight onto a construction site, where he ends up at the bottom of a very, very large hole. When it appears that he may be stuck for a while, he settles in, like an underground Robinson Crusoe.

The only thing missing is a Man Friday, who turns out to have a long, earth-covered snout, a taste for beetles, and no ears to speak of. Oh, and he also talks.

Funny, smart, and a little bit strange, this is a deceptively simple story with some big ideas, and an even bigger heart.

“A quirky existential adventure for thoughtful readers.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“[A] funny and sweet tale about learning to embrace change and appreciate what one has.”
— Publishers Weekly

(****) “A thoroughly engrossing short tale, this book is typical Fagan: fantastical yet familiar, timeless, and with just the right touch of sentiment and seriousness. A great read-aloud tale, Danny, Who Fell in a Hole will appeal to a wide variety of readers.”
— CM Magazine

“Honest humour. Cary Fagan ensures that everyone is able to see the other perspective without giving in or up.”
—Canlit for Little Canadians