Oy, Feh, So?

by Cary Fagan
Illustrated by Gary Clement

Imprint: Groundwood Books

Format: Hardcover | 32 pages | ISBN 978-1-55498-148-9 | $17.95

Every Sunday Aunt Essy, Aunt Chanah and Uncle Sam drive up in the old Lincoln for their afternoon visit and plop themselves down in the living room. “Oy,” says Aunt Essy. “Feh,” says Aunt Chanah. “So?” says Uncle Sam. That's all they ever say, every Sunday! But one afternoon the three children in the family decide they've had enough.

Cary Fagan's characteristically dry humour and Gary Clement's wonderfully witty illustrations perfectly depict a family full of lovable quirks in this romp of a story.

(***½) “Fagan has hit on a universal theme with Oy, Feh, So? And pulls off a charming read. A great book for reading aloud. Highly Recommended”
— CM Magazine

“Very funny. Any readers with difficult older relatives should find comic common ground.”
—Publishers Weekly

“You don't have to be Jewish to find this one funny.”
— Booklist