Sleeping Weather

Cary Fagan

Sleeping Weather is intense, lyrical, and emotionally charged. Leon Stone, the protagonist, is a man with a criminal past who finds his life blessed with good fortune: a wife he feels passion for, a daughter, a safe neighbourhood. But his world becomes threatened when he finds himself drawn to Vasily, a philosophic, alcoholic, self-declared failed immigrant. Leon's past is slowly revealed and his relationships with his family and with Vasily move towards a powerful climax.

"Touch[es] the reader's heart, with worry first, then compassion ... Fagan is expert at capturing the nuances, the complex feelings harboured by a man desperately afraid of hope and just as desperately in need of it." — Montreal Gazette

"[A] haunting psychological pas de deux." — Vancouver Sun

Available as a $4.99 ebook from Big Wheel Books. Click here.