Directed by Kaspar Snit
Written by Cary Fagan

Trade Paperback | Tundra Books | Juvenile Fiction - Family; Juvenile Fiction - Social Situations - New Experience; Juvenile Fiction - Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic | 978-0-88776-753-1 (0-88776-753-2) | February 2007 | $12.99

Fresh from their victory over the nasty Kaspar Snit, — who was last seen trying to steal the fountains of Rome in The Fortress of Kaspar Snit — the Blande family have certainly earned a rest. They’re not actually an average family (what average family has the power to fly?), but they like to relax in front of the TV like everyone else.

Their favorite show (except for Dad) is the hugely popular hit “The Zoomers.” When it’s Zoomer time, mom makes a batch of popcorn, Solly settles his rat GW on his shoulder, and Eleanor watches avidly as the Zoomer family of superheroes set off on their weekly adventure. But Eleanor’s noticed an odd detail: the director is one I. M. Partankiss. And that’s none other than Kaspar Snit. Surely he must have reformed? After all, he is planning to donate a million dollars to his beloved native land, Verulia. Problem is, “The Zoomers” won’t be seen on TV until a million dollars has been raised.

The Blande parents are off to a romantic vacation in Tuscany and Eleanor and Solly are left in the care of their new, extraordinary nanny, Mrs. Leer, and so the fun begins. The adventures they embark on are much more exciting than anything they’ve seen on “The Zoomers.”

The thousands of readers who made The Fortress of Kaspar Snit such a success will welcome Cary Fagan’s laugh-out-loud sequel. Not only does this book stand alone as a hilarious story, but it also introduces the most memorable nanny since Mary Poppins.

Silver Birch Awards nominee

“The characters are clever, their dialogue both witty and entertaining, and the adventure first rate.” — Canadian Children’s Book News

“An amazing book. I enjoyed every second reading it….I think most kids won’t be able to put it down.” —Montreal Gazette (reviewed by grade 7 student Caitlin Mangiacasale)

“Fagan exercises his imagination in every sentence, with fresh, entertaining prose and all that goes along with it — characters that show real character, a nice twinge of sympathy for the growing girl and hilarious parodic moments that will have kids rethinking many a cliché of plot and script. Sheer fun.”
Toronto Star

“Fans of the first book, The Fortress of Kaspar Snit, will be delighted with this humorous, action-packed sequel. Eleanor is an endearing protagonist: smart and perceptive, yet believable as she struggles with preteen moodiness and rebellion. Mrs Leer, a captivating mixture of whimsy and practicality, comes alive from the first moment. Snappy dialogue and a fast-paced plot keep the story moving.” — Quill & Quire