I Wish I Could Draw

Words and pictures by Cary Fagan

Imprint: Groundwood Books

Format: Hardcover | 32 pages | ISBN 978-1-55498-319-3 | $12.95

When Cary Fagan decides he will try to draw, even though he thinks he isn't very good at it, the result is a sneakily clever book that delivers plenty of excitement, silly jokes and fun and an important message about self-confidence and perseverance. I Wish I Could Draw will inspire readers to pick up a pencil and let their imaginations do the rest!

“Humour is the order of the day. This friendly volume is sure to encourage the perfectionist artist and wannabe cartoonist alike. Draw on!” — Kirkus Reviews

“With humour and lots of his own artwork, the author demonstrates how important it is to move past self-criticism, which so often prevents people from doing something that they want to do.” — Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Review

“With Cary Fagan's signature dry humour, I Wish I Could Draw will make readers point and chuckle and then stop wishing and start drawing for themselves.” — Canlit for Little Canadians

“A wonderful title for libraries and schools that can be enjoyed by a child independently or with a parent or caregiver.” — CM Magazine