Daughter of the Great Zandini
Written by Cary Fagan
Illustrated by Cybele Young

Hardcover | Tundra Books | Juvenile Fiction; Juvenile Fiction - Family | 978-0-88776-534-6 (0-88776-534-3) | August 2001 | $18.99

Tradition is important to the Great Zandini, the great magician of Paris. His grandfather was a magician, his father was a magician, and his son will be a magician too. Unfortunately, his son Theodore does not feel the same way. Zandini won’t hear of opposition. Besides, his arch nemesis, newspaper reporter A. S. Besette, has begun a smear campaign, suggesting the old master is washed up. Zandini creates a new magic show to introduce Theodore as his successor. There’s only one problem: Theodore is a hopeless magician. Fortunately, his sister Fanny is a very good magician. It’s up to her to save the day, even if the Great Zandini does not want her help.

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